NORA SCHULTZ ’19 is from down the street, New Jersey. She is studying Politics, Latin American Studies and Visual Arts. She has also been performing and teaching circus for almost half her life and really likes sweet potatoes.

Executive Editor

TAJIN ROGERS ’20 is from Northern Virginia likely majoring in the Wilson School with interests in political economy, Kurdistan, and Classics. In the spare time he has, he enjoys singing, watching Arsenal FC, and reading the week’s worst #hottakes.

Managing Editor

SEYITCAN UCIN ’20  is a freshman from Central Florida. A prospective engineering major, he is passionate about the intersection of science, public policy, and economics. When he’s not working on psets, he’s usually counting the number times Zizek rubs his nose in any particular video.


ALEC ISRAELI ’21 is from Cold Spring Harbor, New York and plans on majoring in history, with a focus on modern Europe and the United States. He is also interested in labor history and political theory, and likes to play jazz piano, too.

Design and Publicity Chair

BEATRICE FERGUSON ’21 is a first-year planning to study History or Anthropology. She is from Pennsylvania and loves dogs, tea, and ranting about neoliberalism. Graphic design is her passion.

Digital Editor

KATHERINE STIEFEL ’20 is a Chemistry concentrator from New Jersey interested in QCB and creative writing. If you catch them in between labs and problem sets, they’d be more than happy to discuss State and Revolution with you.

Staff Writers

SARAH BARNETTE ’20 is a creative writer and history major born and raised in the Tennessee Valley. She recently bought a dog off Craigslist because nobody believed she would. His name is Ben.


RYAN BORN ’19 is a philosophy concentrator from Washington, MI. He writes, paints, and plots.


HUNTER CAMPBELL ’20 is from Bennington, Vermont. He plans to concentrate in the politics department.


ROHANA CHASE ’19 hails from the pretty ok state of New Jersey and is majoring in history with a certificate in environmental studies. She spends most of her time either playing cello or scrolling through memes in Firestone.


MASON COX ’20 is from Albany, Oregon. He plans on majoring in either Politics or History. If you can’t find him studying or reading, he’s probably doing what every typical Oregonian does: camping, hiking, canoeing, standing in the rain, or enjoying a cup of coffee.


BRADEN FLAX ’21 is a freshman from Merrick, New York.  He enjoys comedy as much as he does an academic discussion, and he looks forward to any opportunity to fuse the two.  He is equally enthusiastic about a multidisciplinary education, which he views as vital for success, from the most to least conventional forms of personal enrichment and collective contemplation.


NATHANIEL LAMBERT ’20 is from Lexington, Virginia and plans to major either in English or in the Woodrow Wilson School. He serves as a USG Senator for the Class of 2020 and is the 2017 Treasurer of the Princeton College Democrats.


SAVANNAH McINTOSH ’20 is a student in the class of 2020 with interests in politics and the arts.






JASON SEAVEY ’21 is a freshman from the San Francisco Bay Area. He will likely major in Comparative Lit but is also interested in French, political theory, and investigative journalism.


NALA SHARADJAYA ’21 is a prospective Philosophy major from New York City. She likes drinking tea and taking long walks, and spends most of her time debating whether or not to start her work.


TÉA WIMER ’19 has a quite impressive shrine to Hillary Clinton in her dorm room closet.