Black Justice League Demands, Addressed to President Eisgruber and Princeton University Staff

We have gathered here today to outline our demands for this administration so that it may be held accountable in improving the social and academic experiences of its black students at Princeton. There is no pride in being the number one university in the country when for its students of color and marginalized communities, Princeton very rarely leads but often follows.

Overcoming Limits to Empathy

Ideally, we would treat all tragedies the same; we would have the same emotional connection and response to human suffering no matter the context. But what if we just can’t? What if, as human beings, we are wired in a way that limits our ability to empathize with events and people separated from our own lives by geographical distance, culture, race, or anything else?

A Year of Activism

Members of student activist groups–some that formed this year, others that existed for years be- fore–describe the ways in which they have challenged existing discourses and policies this year. Their methods are as disparate as their concerns, but taken together they represent a rediscovered conception of how to be a socially conscious and politically active Princetonian.

Letter from the Editors

Seven months later, after the People’s Climate March and #blacklivesmatter march, after the die-in and divestment, we can begin to speak about a campus where apathy is giving way to awareness. Awareness is not yet action, but it is a start. The gravest mistake that we could make now would be to content ourselves with the progress that has been made–to pat each other on the back and walk off the field.

Yanis the Man-is

In its embodiment of the experience of the radicalized academic-turned-policymaker, Yanis’s career exemplifies the ideal path through which young, aspiring American and European intellectuals of the left can gain real political authority: by leveraging scholarly successes in some policy-relevant field in order to ascend to positions of direct political power.