Undoing the Nuclear Option: An Interview with Dr. Zia Mian

The Prog’s Chris Russo sat down with Dr. Zia Mian of Princeton’s Program on Science and Security. A physicist by education, Dr. Mian has published books and articles on nuclear non-proliferation, with an emphasis on the science of nuclear technology, His

A Primary Race Race Primer

But regardless of who comes out on top with the nomination, the coming effort to win over black and latinx voters is likely to push both candidates to develop more substantive and progressive pitches on issues of criminal justice and mass incarceration. Below, a brief primer on the candidates’ history with criminal justice issues, where they stand now, and where we can expect things to go.

How Student Protest Makes Power Visible

It is yet to be seen whether the BJL’s demands will be met, and whether the sit-in will have achieved actual institutional change at Princeton. What is clear is that the movement has been more successful than any other in Princeton’s recent history at garnering attention, spurring debate, and forcing the administration to react on protestors’ terms. By watching the rippling effects of the sit-in at Princeton, we all learn more about how the University conceptualizes the agency of its students and understands its own ability to change.