On Unlimited Justice: A Conversation with Jennicet Gutiérrez

On April 5th, Jennicet Gutiérrez, an immigrant rights and transgender rights activist, spoke  at Princeton University about injustice of immigrant detention centers, organizing for social change, and a 2015 White House protest that briefly propelled her into the national spotlight.

Undoing the Nuclear Option: An Interview with Dr. Zia Mian

The Prog’s Chris Russo sat down with Dr. Zia Mian of Princeton’s Program on Science and Security. A physicist by education, Dr. Mian has published books and articles on nuclear non-proliferation, with an emphasis on the science of nuclear technology, His

A War to End All (Class) Wars: Lessons from the Second International

Just over a century ago, a revolutionary event took a conflict-ridden world by storm, calling into question the orthodoxies that defined the political discourse of each society. The Russian Revolution, against all odds and in defiance of nearly universal expectations

“The Red Sea of Civil War”: Marx, Slavery, and America’s Seminal Conflict

The United States is experiencing a crisis of historical memory. The rise of Donald Trump has been paralleled by a greater collective awareness of ideological, class, and racial divisions, and prompted a national search for the source of this awareness